Saturday, 1 March 2014


So I'm going to Writing a blog its probably going to terrible and FULL of spelling mistakes so sorry about those...

I thought my first blog post should be about something I really enjoy doing and have a real passion for Photography :).

I have a Nikon D3200

I love my camera to absolute pieces its almost part of me!

The pictures i take tend to be of my friends and things that interest me! I do especially love taking pictures of wildlife as I think that wildlife tends to be more interesting but sometimes just getting up close and having a completely out of focus background makes me happier than ducks!

One of my favourite pictures is of a squirrel I found in my back garden I know its not the best I just really like it.

my second favourite photo must be of my Halloween Pumpkin last year as I really like the lighting :)
But I took these kind of photos before my camera I just can't find them....

Thanks for reading
- Ellsta

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