Monday, 9 June 2014


So it's exam season and many people are burning themselves in text books from the year 2000 so I thought I would do a Exam themed blog post today :)

Tips for revising:

1)Don't listen to music you are familiar with, this is shown to distract people as they try to sing along 

2) Eat and drink whilst studying as this way you're not getting distracted by foooooooood 

4) I know you don't want to but turn off the wifi this is actually a pretty good idea if you are really struggling

5) eat healthily as healthy foods such as fruit and yoghurts are shown to "improve brain capacity"

6)don't stress too much! This is one of the worst things you could do! Just relax and think positive!!

Well they are my 6 hopefully useful tips :) 

Don't stress 


Thursday, 24 April 2014

K Pop

Now I know K Pop isn't everyones cup of tea but I think people should at least have a semi open mind. Once you have  boarded the K Pop train there is no going back I mean once you embrace the crazy you are never normal again! You start wanting to put crazy bright makeup on then you start wearing short shorts and yellow net tights! 

Sorry this one is kind of short I need new ideas any suggestions appreciated

- Ellsta

Monday, 7 April 2014


I really love to write poetry it just does something for me, it calms me and thinking of rhymes can entertain me for a really long time. I had an english project on poetry recently an i just thought i would share some of my workings with you guys. :)

My Metaphor Poem
The sensations grip me
They strangle me
The ceiling drops over and over
Running from instinct
The road keeps going never stopping
Sharp or dull the demon doesn't mind
Marmite nerves
Black and cold
Loved and hated
My stomach is a river
My head is a dam
My joints seared into place
The drug is late
Saved by a tin packet
Killed by a clock
No utopia 

My Sonnet (1)
He stared at down me 
He whispered a single word
Handed me a key
My reason slurred
My heart beat on and on 
The strong loud pounding drum
I stood all surprise forgone
Unable to move almost numb
The key began to fade
His emotions began to wane
This cut me like a blade
Though no physical pain
I fell to my knees ashes in hand
You fell though me like sand  

Sonnet (2)
Bullets pound my head as I fall
Words curse me as I kneel
I hear a loud violent call
Pain pierces me I try to conceal
remember our happy times
The walks the sights the love
I think back sometimes
As I look upon heaven above
The love has now diminished
Its gone with the easterly wind
The past now relinquished
I watched as you grinned
The thoughts I once shared with you have now been discarded
We had a game and you cheated

My Acrostic (Sherlock)
Sociopath is he mind his wrath
Hope is not forgotten he is your rope
Elegant as ever piecing together crimes so intelligent
Righteous he is not be cautious
Loving is his centre his exterior stunning
Obedience is not his allegiance
Clever and cunning such as a fox could never be
Kick and punch pain you cannot inflict 

Hope you enjoyed reading my terrible poetry :)


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Eyeliner Tips!

So gel eyeliner is a nightmare! It is difficult to apply and difficult the get rid of if you make a mistake but it does give you the best result.

So here are five eyeliner tips from me!

1. Neat eyeliner!
if you want to get perfect wings on both side but can't do it with gel try applying it with a felt tip liner and going over it with gel!

2. Masking Tape!
what you do is you get about 3cm of tape and place it at the outside of you eye at the angle you want your flicks to be. Then draw your Eyeliner where you want it. when you have finished take off the tape and done! Perfect winged eyeliner!

3. Practice!
I'm not joking when I first started wearing eyeliner I looked like Sweeney Todd now I look a little less creepy! Just try different things out as well!

4. Try starting with pencil!
Pencil eyeliner is much easier to correct or change than gel an much less messy!

5. Keeping it Clear!
Make sure the brush you are applying it with isn't frayed or split as this can make your eyeliner look messy. Try trimming it or even just buy a new one! Also look after your brushes they are your best friends!

Thanks for reading hope this helps!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Chester Zoo

So a couple of days ago I went on a school "biology" trip to Chester zoo and I thought I would share some pictures and memories.

Some of these are kind of fuzzy but I had a really good time and ate way too many sweets!


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Make Up Favourites

So this post has been in the mix for a while and I've finally narrowed down my favourite makeup and makeup brushes.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation I really like the coverage it gives and it has a nice finish. Not expensive either!

Real Techniques Blush Brush
It's really soft and works well great for contouring and even application.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
It covers my face nicely and stays on for quite a while.

MUA Pro-Brow kit
It actually works really well and has a wax that keeps the colour on and comes with some mini tweezers. Well worth it would recommend it to everyone.

Natural Collection Green tinted cover stick
This works really well for "erasing" red marks especially when covered with a light concealer.

 Soap and Glory Bronzer
I really like the way this works it isn't too dark and looks soft on my skin.

Natural Collection Light Concealer
This is a really great concealer that lasts all day and covers my spots and marks really well!

L'Oreal Superliner
This is my favourite eyeliner I have ever used it is super easy to use and apply it also stays on all day/Night.

These are my Make-Up favourites I will probably redo this post in about two months with completely different make-up.