Saturday, 8 March 2014


I've been doing ALOT of reading lately and I just wanted to share my recent reading addiction. 

First of all I started the mega marathon of  'A Song of Ice And Fire' and the rest of the Game Of Thrones Books. I am so happy I started reading these they are just amazing although they are quite bit of work and quite explicit they don't go too over the top with it and I found that I just could not put down the first book!

Second of all I'm re-reading the Percy Jackson Books as I really enjoyed reading them the first time round. If you haven't read the Percy Jackson books because you think you are too old or they aren't mature enough you are sadly misinformed! They are so much fun and if you really like them you cloud also read the sub series? (is that correct grammar? oh well) 

Thirdly the beauty of "The Fault in our Stars" really shows with a re-read and after re-reading this book  I thought I would try some more John Green books and everyone was suggesting Looking For Alaska so I went for it. I'm so happy I did it is an amazing book! Though I found the ending rather obvious I still enjoyed reading it. After these two amazing books I felt a Waterstones was necessary where I bought ALL of John Green's books! I have Just finished Paper Towns and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Let It Snow is also a brilliant book and I would suggest it to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my reading habit?! I have just realised how eclectic my taste is! Oh well the more books the better I say.

Thank you 

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